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Thursday, November 8, 2012


My husband has decided to stop being so stubborn and start taking my OOTD pictures so I am not always in a mirror.  Bravo to the hubs. Hopefully, he will remain consistent and I can start posting more OOTD photos for the ladies looking for 'office wear' inspiration.  Enjoy loves.  Toodles.

Wearing: Ann Taylor dress, Express Tights, STEVEN by Steven Madden botts, Bebe coat, Zac Posen bag
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Easy Work Routine Make-Up

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I have been struggling dearly to develop the fastest morning make-up routine to use Monday through Friday.  Currently, I have my routine down to 10 minutes and occasionally a little quicker.  After asking my friends what their current make-up/skincare routine in the morning was, it became very evident that we all struggle a bit with this.  Ideally, we would all be up at 5:30am drinking a cup of coffee and reading our Bible out on the balcony.  Followed by a no rush morning leaving plenty of time for a fabulous, well put together face.  Reality is, this only happens for 7% of the working population.  These are the same 7% we see jogging/running in the morning out of our windows as we peel ourselves out of the bed, barely having time to shower!  Nonetheless, there are staples that we all have day-to-day and things we can most certainly do without.

Most of my morning routine involves both "at home" and "at work" prep items.  Let's start with my "at home" items... I never skip my skincare products.  These include: Elemis Tri-Enzyme cleanser, Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener (this is new!), Bliss Peeling Groovy Serum and Bliss Oil Control Moisturizer.  Never skip skincare or else you will be forced to wear make-up as opposed to having it as an option or to enhance.  Next, I apply a tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown (Deep) and follow up with my brows (Make Up Forever Brow Fix Gel).  Don't forget to set with a powder!  Right now, I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.  Now, if I am in a rush... these are the only items that MUST be done before leaving the house.  I grab whatever make-up products I need to finish my face and throw it in my make-up bag.  Moving on to "at work" items... These are products that can be easily applied once you reach work either in your car or at your desk.  Blush, Mascara and Lip products are all items that don't require much mess or time (2-3 minutes max).  Its a good idea to always keep a neutral blush and lipstick/lip gloss in your make-up for days when you might forget to throws them in your bag.  Below are some #FOTD items that I use regularly...

More or less, we all like to look well put together when we arrive at work.  You may choose to just apply blush and mascara which is perfectly fine.  The items each of us 'need' and choose may vary but never arrive at work with a bare face consistently.  This leaves an impression that you have poor time management skills or you don't think highly enough of your job to put yourself together in the morning.  Believe me, even CEOs of companies have enough time for mascara and lipstick!  So, I hope I was able to help all of you anti-morning dolls out there (including myself)!  Until next time... Toodles! XX
Sunday, April 29, 2012


... To make a comeback!  My life has resumed to somewhat of a normal state and I am really starting to miss my blog.  With that being said... I'M BAAACK!  So, much has happened since my last post.  I'm now married, I did a big chop and started a new job.  I don't even know where to start but we have some catching up to do, that's for sure.

Starting with the most important... Becoming Mrs. Horn!  My wedding day was everything I imagined it would be plus some.  ALL of our closest family and friends came together in Virginia Beach, Virginia to watch us become husband and wife.  We had about 80 guests in attendance but it was definitely an intimate affair.  Up until the last month of my wedding, I did all of the planning myself.  Those last few weeks became a bit much and I ended up hiring a Coordinator.  I don't know what I would have done without Claudia because she saved my sanity.  I had planned everything for the wedding but she was the one who made it all come together.  I definitely recommend hiring a coordinator at some point in your wedding planning for brides-to-be.  But, be ready to divulge every little detail of your wedding... Contracts, payments, uncomfortable situations with vendors.  If you've hired the right person then they will have your back until the very end!  Even if that means re-negotiating agreements previously made that they were not involved in!  On to the pictures...

We truly had a ball at our wedding.  The day (and night) went by so fast that we almost felt like we didn't take it all in.  But, having these pictures to look back on definitely allows us to reminisce about every moment.  We hired photographer, Keith Cephus who did an amazing job capturing us.  We are very down to earth type of people... Sure we're fabulous but having pictures that really say both is kind of hard.  Clearly not for Keith Cephus because when I look at these pictures, that's exactly what I see.

I hope I was able to sum up my wedding for you dolls.  I will be back with a post about my big chop VERY soon so keep a look out!  Toodles :-)

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