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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Favorite Fall Nails: Berries

I tend to stick to darker shades pretty much year round with an occasional pop of color.  In fact, now that I write this it dawns on me that's actually my MO.  This Fall season I have been really into shades of Berry, Plum and Darker Reds.  It is all I have been wearing on my nails and lips since about September.  Below, I've compiled my favorite shades for nails this season.  Which is just perfectly timed for your upcoming Thanksgiving get together.

Left to Right: Deborah Lippman Single Ladies - Essie Carry On - Essie Berry Naughty

Left to Right: Paula Dorf Deeply in Love - Zoya Dakota - Essie Bahama Mama

Please don't think I'm crazy because of how similar some of these shades look.  We all are guilty of doing this... right?? LOL.  Well currently, I am wearing Zoya Dakota and I plan to change into Essie Bahama Mama on Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving Day.  She is actually my favorite shade out of the bunch!  So go grab you a Berry and get ready to eat this Thursday.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite Berry Lip Shades!  XOXO
Monday, November 24, 2014

Mommy Monday: Traveling for the Holidays

So, the Holidays are upon us once again.  The cliche thing to say is that this year went by so fast but in all honesty, IT TRULY DID!  If you are like most families then you are likely traveling for one or all holidays this season.  Personally, my family decides each year which holiday we will travel for, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It's such a burden to travel with three kids that I would drive myself crazy trying to travel somewhere for every holiday.  Below, I have compiled an easy peasy guide to saving your sanity while road tripping with the fam.  Should your sanity still be lost, drive yourself to the nearest liquor store once you reach your destination.


Having snacks for everyone is an intricate detail of maintaining a harmonious road trip.  In my early mommy years, I would run to the store and buy bags of chips, goldfish, cookies... all their faves, ya know.  Then, I would just open the bags in the car and do a "pass and grab".  This option absolutely works if a riot is what you're trying to achieve.  OMG, kids will fight over anything when held in close quarters.  Someone is hogging the chips, someone took too many cookies, someone is breathing too much air.  Let me just help save you from one fight now.  Divide your snacks up into sandwich baggies before the trip and PUT NAMES on them.  This way everyone has an even amount of snacks of their own.  Place the food in a comfortable reaching distance for them as well so you don't have to turn around a gazillion times.  Keep in mind, if you are traveling a distance of more than three (3) hours to pack more fulfilling food options like sandwiches, fruit or veggies.


If your kids are anything like mine, they are always "bored".  One would think a scenic road trip to Grandma's house would cease this "boredom", but one would be wrong.  If you don't occupy their time with activities to do while on the road, they will occupy your time with endless nagging.  It's easy to throw every electronic they own into the car and hope for the best but there's an even better method to the madness.  Planning ahead of time is required so start this stage at least two weeks before the trip.  Think about each of your children's likes and decide on three options to bring for each.  If video gaming is what they prefer, plan to rent a NEW game that they don't already own or if it's cheap enough, just buy it.  If they haven't yet already played it, their attention will be kept much longer before boredom strikes.  Should you have an intellectual on your hands who prefers to read then buy them a NEW book that you know they will love.  The key word here is NEW.  The surprise of getting something new for the trip, coupled with that item actually keeping their attention for an extended period time should keep them out of your hair for a while.  But be ready with other items to rotate throughout the trip because as parents we know that the excitement of "new" lasts a maximum of an hour, maybe two.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Naps, Temperature, Rest Stops

If at all possible, try to plan your trip around normal sleeping hours.  We like to leave the house around 10AM because generally most people will take a nap around 12/1PM.  Believe me, those few hours of silence will be well appreciated!  Never load the family into the car with coats or sweaters on.  Instead, bring some individual blankets or have them place their coats/sweaters on the floor in front of them.  Everyone should remain comfortable but if they get cold then they can just grab an item to cover up with it.  It's much easier to throw a blanket on than it is to take a coat off without removing a seatbelt.  Safety first kids!  Lastly, don't be those parents that try to win some imaginary award by arriving at your destination in record time.  Plan for rest stops to give everyone an opportunity to get out of the car, walk around a bit and stretch their legs.  Even a short break outside of the car will reset everyone's tolerance levels.

This year, my family is traveling for Christmas. *side eye* I cannot stand traveling for Christmas because of all the gifts that must be transferred back and forth.  We haven't traveled for Christmas in many years and are only doing so because we are having our first "Blended Family Christmas" with my older kids Dad and his family.  I will definitely be putting these tips to use and planning well beforehand (which is key!!) so we can have a successful road trip to Grandmas.  Do you have any tips or secrets for your family road trips not listed here?  Share them with us!!  Sharing is Caring.  XOXO
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Protective Styling Isn't For Everyone...

Since I've gone Natural, one of the most common hair practices discussed is Protective Styling.  In case this is not a familiar term to you, Protective Styling refers to styling in which the hair is tucked away or "protected" from the elements and everyday manipulation for extended periods of time so as to promote growth and minimal breakage.  Examples of Protective Styles are braids, weaves, wigs, twists and buns.  Around this time of the year there are "Protective Styling Challenges" left and right!!  I have been Natural for over two years now and have not once tried a Protective Style.  Just because the masses are doing it doesn't mean it's a NECESSITY in order to maintain your Natural hair.  And, just because I don't engage in Protective Styling doesn't mean I don't find other ways to protect my hair.

I will admit that one of the main reasons I've not done a Protective Style is fear of my hair breaking off.  The length of my hair is fairly short so my options for Protective Styling are pretty limited... Braids, Weaves, and Wigs are really my only options.  All of these Styles require a certain amount of tension on the scalp that even the most blessed hands can't avoid if the style is meant to last.  I've really been interested in getting braids but not so much as Protective Style because I know they wouldn't last for more than a month.  So, how do I "protect" my hair in the colder months?  I simply alter my routine and regimen to accommodate the weather conditions.  For starters, I reduce the amount of times I wash my hair to no more than once per week.  During the more humid months, I find myself doing a cowash two, sometimes three times a week for Wash and Go styling.  Once the weather begins to cool down, I can immediately notice the change in moisture that my hair is able to retain.  Reducing my wash days is just one part of the equation though.  Just as skincare products need to be switched out for different seasons, so does your hair products... especially if you are not fond of Protective Styling.  What this means for me is that I can no longer just use Leave-In Conditioner and Coconut Oil as my Styling Products from time to time like I can in the summer months.  I MUST follow the LOC Method (Leave-In, Oil, Cream Styler) in order to maintain the moisture in my hair for an extended period of time.  Also, Coconut Oil doesn't do as well in my hair during the Winter months and I think it has to do with the colder temperatures causing the Coconut Oil to harden.  My hair just doesn't feel the same as it does when I use it at other times throughout the year. So I make sure to switch out the oil to my favorite (but unfortunately expensive) MoroccanOil Treatment which is an extra treat for my hair that it can definitely use during these harsh months. Sometimes depending on what products I've been using all year, it may also be important to opt for heavier products.  This year I've been using heavier products anyways, so there was no need to switch products out.  If anything, I've begun using just a little bit more product when Styling to protect my hair from drying out before Wash Day.  Obviously, you want to make sure you follow your basic rules such as weekly Deep Conditioning, Monthly Protein Treatments, Sleeping in a Satin Bonnet or using a Satin Pillowcase, etc.  Those are non-negotiables and go without saying.
Most Common Summer Regimen
Most Common Cold Weather Regimen

Following the Natural Community will sometimes have you thinking that you either aren't doing enough for your hair or you are doing too much, LOL.  The important thing to remember is that you need to pay attention to your OWN hair and do what you feel is best.  Sure there are times I've felt like my hair would be longer by now if I constantly kept it in Protective Styles year round but that just doesn't seem enjoyable to me and I want to enjoy my Natural Hair not feel enslaved to it.  When my hair grows longer, I may feel different about Protective Styling but as of right now, it isn't for me.  I choose to instead find ways to protect my hair from the inside (lots of water, vitamins and eating right) and cater to my hair's needs by using the right Products on the outside.  I'm sure there are plenty of you who don't Protective Style for your own reasons as well.  Comment below if you're a Natural who doesn't Protective Style and leave your reason why!  XOXO
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Playtime Chic Inspo

Earlier this week my youngest daughter had a playdate with one of her friends.  Per the usual, she and I spent quite a bit of time deciding on her ensemble to wear.  And, yes she actually does enjoy picking out clothes and matching them together... she's such a girly girl.  The norm for a playdate is to dress comfortably in "play" clothes.  As we were deciding on what to wear, it dawned on me that being chic doesn't have to go out the window in order to make room for functionality.  The two can easily go hand-in-hand together.  So, we went with look layered with fun patterns and cute accessories.  She stayed warm under the layers while also allowing herself to express her fun side through the patterns.

Plaid shirt: H&M- Camo Jacket: Old Navy- Leopard Sneakers: H&M- Cat Ears Headband: Gymboree

Choosing her playdate ensemble inspired me to go in my closet and pick some options for an upcoming brunch this weekend.  Obviously, everyone wants to be "chic" for brunch but this is also a networking event so finding an option that is also comfortable to wear for a few hours is important as well.  I took a page from Kennedy's book and decided to sass it up with patterns as well.  In the first option, the pleated skirt has a jacquard print while the denim top has embedded stones all over.  Accessories can be scaled back for this fit since the blouse itself has built in accessories!

Denim Blouse: J Crew- Jacquard Pleated Skirt: Target

My next option has a pop of color with a pink pleated skirt.  I couldn't decide on a top so I laid two options out that both go very well.  The black and white floral print blouse didn't photograph well but it is so fun in person.  With either ensemble, I will likely wear my knee boots from Ann Taylor because they are sexy yet very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Floral Print Blouse: Gap- Striped Blouse: Banana Republic- Pink Pleated Skirt: Banana Republic

So what do you guys think... which option should I go with?  There's still a chance that I don't go with either of these and opt for a cute dress instead but for now these are first choices.  Any suggestions for accessories?  I will definitely do a follow up post about the event so you can see what I wore!  XOXO
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Updated Wash and Go Tutorial

Although, I have another Wash and Go Tutorial up on my channel, I have not done one in quite some time.  So, I decided to post another now that my hair is a bit longer.  I discuss in detail the process I use to apply the products to my hair and achieve the best definition with minimal frizz.  It's a short yet to the point video (just like this post) for all you ladies out there trying to achieve a fabulous Wash and Go!  Hope you enjoy.  XOXO

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mommy Monday


As you know, I've been home with my children since June of this year.  It wasn't a planned transitioned but rather the aftermath of a family decision that caused me to resign from my corporate job.  Surprisingly, there have been only a couple of times where I have regretted that decision and it has only been most recently.  A few of you have asked me on Instagram how I'm enjoying being a Stay at Home Mom so I thought I would just give you guys an update here on the le bloggy.


Being at home with my family instead working outside of the home has been a great experience so far.  I feel so much more connected to them now that I'm spending a majority of my day physically doing things for them.  I know it sounds silly but I actually enjoy straightening up their rooms, making their lunches, and doing their laundry.  Being that I don't have to work a 9-5 and then come home and do these things at the end of the day, I don't mind doing them as much as I use to.  I had almost no energy for housework nor did I care to do it after a long day at work before.  My husband will be the first to tell you that I have done a complete 360 in the aspect of taking care of the home.  We also ordered out quite a bit before and cooked only a few times a week before, whereas now I cook a meal almost every night (or the Mister does).  Obviously this is the much healthier option and it's been nice experimenting with different recipes that the kids actually like.  Not to mention, we are saving a ton of money not ordering out so often.  I am way more involved in the kids schoolwork and making sure their assignments are completed well, studying is done for tests, etc.  Not to say we didn't care before but it was more of a "race" to bedtime when I was working full time.  I got home at 6, had to make dinner, get them in showers and go over homework all before 9!  This is a very common routine across so many families but I have to say that having more than 3 hours a day to spend with my children is such a blessing.


My family has always been accustomed to having two parents working full time so they pretty much were self sufficient.  But, since I have been home it has now become my "job" to do those things for everyone.  Everyone, including the husband, now depends on me for almost everything and at times it can be annoying.  I find myself snapping after I've done the sink full of dishes only to see that someone dumped more dishes in the sink just 2 minutes later.  Hello!  It only takes a minute to wash your plate... I'm not your maid!  The Mister and I have gotten into it a couple of times when he's asked me when the laundry is going to be done or why the house is a mess.  It's as if no one can do anything for themselves anymore now that I'm home.  So, this can definitely become frustrating if it's not addressed properly... And, by properly I don't mean screaming like a maniac in the moment.  LOL.  Essentially, all I want is to not be taken for granted.  Just because I enjoy doing these things for you doesn't mean I want to be taken advantage of.  Help a Mom out from time to time!

At this point I would prefer to stay home for another year or two if I can.  We are struggling financially to make ends meet sometimes so I don't know if this will be possible.  I have applied and interviewed for only one job that I felt would suit my experience and career path, only for the company to change and reduce the title of the position.  So, finding a job outside of the home is still on the horizon if something opens up that's a good fit.  For now, the best fit for me is being at home with my family until God directs me down another path.

How many of you are Stay at Home Moms?  Did you struggle with these same issues or do you still struggle with them?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!  XOXO
Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sephora VIB Sale Shopping List

Per the usual madness, Sephora is hosting their VIB Semi Annual Sale this week from Thursday, November 6th- Monday, November 10th.  The sale offers an additional 20% off of everything in the store and online during this period of time.  If you're an avid beauty hoarder then this comes as no surprise and I'm sure you already have your list made.  I've compiled a few of the items I'm lusting after below.  I may or may not shop the sale, depending on the Mister's mood but either way I figured I would share my picks with you!





These are just a few items that I have been eyeing lately.  What's on your lists?  Share your top picks below so we can equally be enablers to each other!  XOXO

Friday, November 7, 2014

FEATURE FRIDAY: Algenist Purifying and Replenishing Cleanser

In trying to maintain a schedule for my blog, I have decided to implement 'Feature Fridays' which I thought you Shopaholics would love.  The feature can be Beauty Products, Fashion Finds or even Products sent for reviews/consideration by companies.  I hope you guys enjoy the new changes coming to the blog because I'm really having a good time providing more content for you guys.


Not too long ago, I expressed a need for a new morning cleanser for my skincare routine.  I've been using Skinceuticals LHA Cleanser for the majority of the year and it has been amazing.  The reason that I've been looking for a secondary cleanser is because the Skinceuticals product is fairly strong and very effective.  Now that my hyperpigmentation and acne has diminished quite a bit and is no longer a problem for me, it was important for me to not over do it on my skin and end up ruining a good thing.  A friend of mine highly recommended the Algenist Purifying and Replenishing Cleanser and I literally was in Sephora checking it out the very same day.  At first, I almost did not purchase the cleanser after reading that one of the main ingredients is 'Microalgae Oil'.  For my oily skin girls, you know how much we try to stay away from ANYTHING that even hints at containing oil, LOL.  But, I went online and read the reviews which were all amazing plus the price point wasn't too bad.

The packaging of the product is perfect.  I believe all cleansers should come in pump form but for some reason many skincare companies disagree.  Luckily, this Algenist cleanser comes in the perfect simple packaging I desire with a pump.  The texture isn't too thick or thin in consistency and allows for great coverage when applying to your skin.  There is a slight lather, very little if you can even consider it to be a lather at all.  It's gentle enough to use around the eye area yet quite effective in removing all of my make-up.  And, boy when you pair it with the Clarisonic it's like a spa facial has just happened!  I could be exaggerating just a tiny bit but it really is THAT good.  Last but not least, the price point is not bad for a Cleanser of this caliber at just, $26 here.
So, if you are in the market to try out a new cleanser or you're just a product junkie who has about 10+ different cleansers in their cabinets, this one definitely deserves a chance.  I can't tell you how happy I have been with this product but now I feel a little empty because there's nothing else I really "need".  Something about being on the search for a product is just so exciting right? LMAO.  Anywho, I hope you continue to come back every Friday to see what I'm Featuring here in MyCandiShoppe.  XOXO
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wash and Go Refresh Video

You ladies on Instagram have been asking for this video for quite some time now.  Shame on me that it took me 5 years to do it for you... LMAO just kidding!  Here it is finally and I hope I answered all of your questions.  The process is truly super simple and doesn't require much except to make sure you are adding enough moisture back into your hair.  If you have any questions though, feel free to ask.  Oh, and while you're watching the video don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!



Okay, so we are going to leave our pride, mom awards we give ourselves in our heads and pat on the backs we also give ourselves right here at the beginning of this post.  I'm discussing a topic that is very hush hush and frowned upon in child rearing.  Meltdowns.  They make our mothers cringe when they see our children having one, we stare at other moms in stores with pity yet we all know we have been there at least once before.  And, if you haven't been there yet, there's still time!

This past weekend Kennedy was invited to Birthday Party that she hounded me about every single day leading up to Saturday.  She even forced me to pick out her "party ensemble" a couple of days early because she was just that excited.  Well we arrive at the party, after taking 57 pictures for Instagram obviously, and I was all ready to just drop her off and leave like the other parents were doing.  I mean, she had been invited to this same girls' party last year and was the LIFE of the party so I figured this year would be no different.  WRONG.  She hung off OF me like little leach and would not let go.  I talked to her in the high pitched, super annoying, baby voice trying to sound like a nice mom but in all honesty, I was freaking embarrassed by her behavior.  She is my third child and I pride myself in how well behaved Kennedy is... I can't always say the same for the other two... but, Kennedy is the child I had the most experience with!  Anyways, I've been through this situation a time or two before with my older children so I had to dust my skills off quickly.

The first thing you have to remember at the beginning of a meltdown is that it can get much worse, very quickly.  Those stares you might be feeling can turn into gasps in no time if you don't work fast.  Bending down and talking to Kennedy in front of everyone was my first mistake.  She already felt uncomfortable with me leaving and now I'm directing all the attention to her crying which didn't make anything better.  Once my instincts kicked in, I grabbed Kennedy up and took her to more private corner for us to talk.  That's when the baby talk came to a complete end.  I spoke to her with concern in my voice, eye to eye, while also making sure I came across as serious as a 4 year old can take me.  She explained she didn't know anyone and didn't want me to leave.  It didn't dawn on me that maybe she didn't remember these same girls from last year since she doesn't see them regularly.  So, I agreed to stay with her until she felt more comfortable.  As moms, we have to keep in mind that our children have their not so good days as well.  I'll be the first to admit that I've attended networking events as an adult where I didn't know anyone and didn't feel 100% comfortable.  Imagine, how a 4 year old toddler must feel in a similar environment.  So, I walked back out with her after we dried her tears and held her hand until she let go.

The next thing you have to keep in mind is that controlling a meltdown is a bit like weaning.  They may be okay for 10 minutes and then the tears begin again.  Remember, do not get upset and do not try to discipline/talk to your child in front of everyone in the hopes that they will suck it up and stop.  Always remember, things can get much worse.  LOL.  Take your child to the side again, give them a little pep talk.  Express how happy you were with how well they were doing, give them a kiss/hug and encourage them to try again.  Each time you do this, they will exhibit the positive behavior longer and longer.  Children LOVE having the approval of their parents and they literally live to impress us.  I know you may be thinking that if you are out and about you don't have the time to do this.  Yes you do.  It doesn't take that long at all.  Just like weaning, you put in the work now and you will be grateful you did down the line.

Once I stopped caring about the looks I was getting from other people, I was able to focus on how to be there for my kid and get her past this moment she was having.  She started feeling more confident and before she knew it, she was talking to the other girls and being the social little girl she usually is.  We even set up a play date with one of the girls to come over and play with LaLaLoopsies next week!  It took me a while to figure out what contributed to Kennedy's meltdown and sudden shyness and then it dawned on me that she had not taken a nap before the party.  ding ding ding.  Granted the party was only at 1pm, a nap would have helped to combat any poor behavior.  I'm not sure how I forgot this cardinal rule, especially on a Saturday.  I guess I just got caught up Kennedy's party excitement myself! LOL

This post isn't meant to be the Holy Grail answer to all your Meltdown problems.  You are the Mom and you know what is best for your child and what will work for your child.  Many times we forget to be patient and put ourselves in their shoes.  Sometimes, all it takes is calmly ASKING them what is wrong.  We get so frustrated with how their Meltdown may be ruining our plans that we overlook simple solutions and jump to more aggressive tactics.   I hope I've been able to help you Moms out there that may be at your wits end when it comes to Meltdowns.  Don't give up, Stay calm and Give your kid a chance!  XOXO

FYI:  Check back every Monday for the 'Mommy Monday' post each week beginning next week!
Monday, November 3, 2014

October Faves

Another month has passed which means another month of favorites, right?  Well if I posted monthly favorites then that would be the case but we all know that I don't!  It seems like the easiest thing to do at the end of each month but honestly I don't have "new" products that become favorites every single month.  In addition, with me not working I have really been cutting back on  purchasing anything that isn't truly necessary.  So, these faves are more like my third quarter favorites as they are products that I've been using for a few months now.  Hope you enjoy and if you want me to post more of these types of posts, please comment below and let me know!

Multicultural Curls:  One of Miss Jessie's newest products and quickly became one of my latest go to products.  As expected, it works extremely well with the Leave-In Condish that I use from them.  It's an amazing Styling product that just makes your curls POP POP POP and the shine, OMG.  Now this will not allow you to maintain a week long Wash and Go as it does not have much, if any, hold at all.  But if you are looking for a good 2-3 days to have a damn good Wash and Go, give this a try.  Also, if you have curls that need a little "help"... you know, feeling a little limp... This here will do the trick!

CoverFX BB Gel:  I've been using this baby since May of this year.  Recently, I went to go switch to another foundation because I ran out of this and immediately ran back.  This foundation has been helping to keep my skin clear and that just isn't something I was ready to let go.  The formulation is made so that it adjusts to match your skin tone as best as possible, given you have the right shade.  If you are in the market for a foundation that enhances your skin, helps to control oil, medium coverage and feels lightweight on then you need to go test this one out at your local Sephora ASAP.  I HIGHLY recommending testing it out in store because of the way the foundation adjusts once applied.

NARS Blush (Desire):  If you follow me on Instagram and have wondered what blush I've been wearing lately, 9 times out of 10 it's been this NARS blush in Desire.  I came across this blush by chance and wasn't really looking for anything in particular but it has quickly become my go to.  Now, usually Mata Hari is my go to and so you  might be wondering how this pink is different from that one.  Desire is more of true pink whereas Mata Hari is mauve pink. It's a great shade to use when you're going for a clean look and need just a nice pop of color on your cheeks.

NARS Mie Brush:  It only makes sense to discuss the NARS Mie brush while we on the subject of blush/cheeks.  OMG, I never thought I could be so in love with a brush... I don't even think it's normal how obsessed I am with it.  It applies my blush so perfectly every single time!  I've heard that you can use it for application of other products such as powders but I just haven't tried it yet.  If you have the Yachiyo brush from NARS, you probably think that it can't get any better than that... I beg to differ.  One thing I didn't like about the Yachiyo brush was how stiff the bristles are and that issue has been solved with this Mie Brush.  The bristles are so much softer than the Yachiyo brush which I think is what allows it to give such perfect application.  The brush is also tapered so you essentially could use it for contouring as well.  I feel like the only thing this brush does not do is pay the rent!  LOL

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker:  Since I have already spoke in depth about this product, I won't bore your little ears off again.  But, just know that if you are a Wash and Go girl and don't have this product yet, you are doing yourself and injustice for sure!  Remember, I said that Multicultural Curls is not meant for long term Wash and Go styling, well this product is!  In fact, I top my Multicultural Curls with the Curl Maker if need to push my curls a little longer.  It works quite well with a multitude of different products that I've tried.

Curly Kids Frizz Control Paste:  I truly need to do an entire blog post on this product as well as the entire line once I get my fingers on it.  So for now I will just RAVE about this one product in particular.  I received this in the CurlBox Kids box that I ordered for my girls back in August.  We have so many products that many times they just don't get used right away.  Well I couldn't find the gel that I normally use for the girls' edges so I grabbed this product instead and I have looked back.  I don't use anything else on their edges at all anymore.  It's a cream that slicks and holds JUST like a gel but there is absolutely no stiffness or stickiness.  I haven't used it on myself yet because I don't do styles that require me to slick my hair back but I imagine that it would work just as well on adults as well.  This baby was a very pleasant surprise and is now Holy Grail status for my girls.

Well that's it for my current favorites.  Sorry, if it was a bit lengthy as I like to really explain why I recommend a product as opposed to just telling you 'GO BUY IT NOW'! LOL.  If you have any questions about these products, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.  Do you use any of these products already?  How do you like them?  Please share.  XOXO

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