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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Curly to Straight... With Motions Hair Care

Not only is Christmas right around the corner but so is the end of the year.  WOW.  Earlier this year, I challenged myself to not flat iron my hair until January.  Everything was going all well and good until I came across a giveaway on The Style and Beauty Doctor's Instagram page hosted with Motions hair care.  They were giving away a "Curly to Straight Kit" and the itch just came upon me to go ahead and straighten my hair.  Coincidentally, I actually won the giveaway so I felt even more compelled after that! LOL

Let me just say now, that I am actually contemplating staying straight for a while.  That's how pleased I am with how well these products worked for me.  Normally, getting my hair straight is a battle that sometimes doesn't seem worth it.  After just a few days, my hair usually becomes frizzy and it all just feels like a huge waste of time.  After using these products, my mind is completely BLOWN.  Now I have not tried any other products like this so I have nothing to compare it against except what I've used from my own stash in the past.  And, let me tell you... My products have nothing against this Motions Kit.

To start, I used the Heat Styled Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner after towel drying my hair.  I applied liberally to each section (approx 5 sections) prior to drying my hair with the blow dryer.  Using a different Leave-In Conditioner other than my Holy Grail from Miss Jessie's was a true leap of faith for me.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this leave-in worked.  It softened and detangled my hair just as well as my Miss Jessie's Leave-In Conditioner!  After I applied it to each section, I used a paddle brush to dispense the product through evenly.  It made blow drying each section a breeze and my hair came out so soft, silky and still felt moisturized (not dry at all)!

Next, I applied the Heat Styled Straight Finish Sealer immediately after drying each section.  I wasn't too sure about this product at first because I thought it was going to weigh my  hair down.  It's not super thick or oily but it also didn't seem to sink into my hair quickly.  Instead of immediately moving on to flat ironing (with my Sedu flat iron), I decided to lay my edges down and put my head scarf on for about an hour.  When it was finally time to straighten, my hair had actually soaked up the serum and felt amazing.  In addition, once I started flat ironing my hair the shine and smoothness provided was incredible.  My hair felt so light and bouncy, yet silky and moisturized.  I couldn't believe that I had only used TWO freaking products!!  TWO!

I've straightened my hair quite a few times since going Natural and it always comes out great.  The biggest difference this time was how easy the process was for me.  Sometimes we try to take short cuts and end up with a hot mess.  In this case, the two products I used made me feel like I was taking a shortcut but the results were far from that.  I would highly recommend these products to anyone who struggles with straightening their Natural Hair.  The Motions Heat Styled Straight Finish Products get two thumbs up from me... One for providing Heat Protection and the other for providing amazing results!

So have any of you girls tried products specifically formulated to help Naturals straighten their curly tresses?  Or are you still very scared to apply heat to your hair?  Be honest!  XOXO
Monday, December 1, 2014

Mommy Monday: The Elf on the Shelf Tradition

Elf on the Shelf 2014- First Location

My favorite time of the year is HEEEEERE!  I could not be more excite that the season of Christmas is upon us.  This is my favorite Holiday of the year and its actually very hard for me to hide this fact about myself.  Well, one of the main reasons I love this Holiday is because of so many Family Traditions that come with it... One of which being The Elf on the Shelf.  Now this is a fairly new tradition to our family but once we started a few years back, it instantly became a hit.  Warning, if you have no imagination or spirit of family fun then this is not for you.  If you are all about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and Easter Bunny then read on!

Elf on the Shelf 2013
So, the story goes that Santa Clause sends an Elf to your home to observe your behavior.  Every family has their own specified time as to when the Elf "arrives".  For our family, the Elf arrives on the 1st of December.  Each day/night the Elf comes into your home and observes the behavior so that he/she is able to report back to Santa that night.  When he returns, he is always "watching" from a different location.  Hence, Mom or Dad needs to move this Elf to a new "watch location" every night.  Essentially, your children will wake up in the morning eager to find the Elf.  I have children ranging from 4-11 years old and they ALL still love this "hunt" that occurs during the month of December.  Even though my oldest may be hip to Santa, she thoroughly enjoys looking for the Elf in the morning with her siblings.  Occasionally, things become serious real quick when I place the Elf in a location and in the morning he is somewhere else.  My husband needs NOT to play with me like that.  He swears he didn't do anything but come on... like the Elf doesn't move by itself!  Right??  Okay, I'm done questioning this and I can't believe I even brought that up.  Just let me know if any of you have had issues with Elves moving around your homes please.  LOL.  No seriously.

Does this sound like a fun tradition you think would be a fun addition to your family this year?  I promise it is lots of fun for the kids and can even become fun for the adults if you have a husband who's an asshole childish.  We purchased two of the Funko Pop Holiday Elf on the Shelf Figurines from Target last year which can be found here.  The real Elf on the Shelf dolls honestly look way too scary to have creeping around my home.  Judge me if you want.  This year since we are traveling to my husband's hometown, we plan to mail one of the Elves there ahead of time so that when we arrive the children have a bewildered look on their faces as to how the heck the Elf arrived there before us!  YES, this really excites me, LOL!

Let me calm myself down before I get too carried away.  Do any of you participate in this fun tradition?  Please share your twists or differences that you may add for extra fun!  Happy Holidays XOXO

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