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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Naturalista Hair Show || Ensemble Selection

As you know (or SHOULD know), I will be heading to The Naturalista Hair Show this weekend at the Silver Spring Civic Center in Maryland.  Not only am I a Blogger Affiliate but I was invited to be a speaker on the Blogger Panel.  Needless to say, I'm obviously VERY excited and VERY anxious.  When I become anxious, one thing that calms my nerves is being as prepared and organized as I possibly can be.  So, I've decided to think about what I will be wearing to the event ahead of time instead of the day of like I normally would.

Here are some of the ensemble ideas that I came up with.  These are all items that I already have in my closet (not the exact brand) and can work with.  Which of these ensembles says "Blogger Panelist here to SLAY"??




Yeah, I have a thing for Black, White and Grey!  My closet is full of it and I have no plans to change that any time soon.  I prefer to just add a pop of color with accessories and jewelry. So, what do you guys think?  Which ensemble should I go with?!  Comment below and feel free to share what you would add or change!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

CurLUXE Naturals || Product Review

Well, I have come across yet another brand that I'm really excited to review for you guys.  I am constantly asked about different products that may work for different hair types and sometimes I have the answer, sometimes I don't.  There are certain types of products that I like for my own hair but I know that as a resource, finding products that may work great for other hair types is important as well.  So, if ever you feel like your need isn't being addressed please let me know.  Shoot me an email or comment here on the Blog so that I can help you in any way that I can.

So, on to the goodies!  CurLUXE Naturals sent over a few of their products for me to try and review with you guys.  I've been trying not to be a lazy natural anymore so I thought I would use their products for a Perm Rod Set.  For Naturalistas, this is easily one of the most tasking styles and if you're lazy don't even bother.  Out of the products sent over, I used 3 products: Dew Luxe Moisture Mist, Buttercream Curl Souffle and Twist & Define Cream.


This lightweight mist is a great addition to anyone's hair stash... Natural or not.  Because it is lightweight, it doesn't weigh your hair down yet it still provides a great deal of moisture.  This product also contains oils which allowed me not need the use of an additional oil when installing my Perm Rods.  If you like heavier sprays, then try this as a refresher spray during the week but if lightweight products are your thing then you will never be at lost for ways you can use this!


For the ladies who love a product that's heavier, THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.  One of the reasons I love a product that's thicker (heavier) is because you don't need to use nearly as much to achieve great results.  If you've watched my video on YouTube using these products, then you saw that I use a fingertip amount of this product in each section.  The moisture, softness and sheen it provides is just out of this world.  With the colder temps sneaking up on us soon, having products like this is key to your hair surviving the winter.  Those lighter products just won't cut it and you will find yourself constantly needing to add moisture back into your hair.  This Buttercream Curl Souffle is the product that will take you, your ends and your edges through the Winter safely!


Girl.  I know what you're thinking... Another Twist Cream.  But, let me tell you that not all Twist Creams are equal.  There are some out there (we won't be shady and name names) that I would NEVER consider doing a Perm Rod Set with because I just know better.  There are some Twist creams that you will only be able to use on a Twist Out.  It takes a special Twist AND Define Cream that will allow you to achieve as BOMB of a Perm Rod Set as I did.  This stuff just melts into your hair and gives it LIFE.  I had definition, bounce, moisture... THE WORKS.  So, if it isn't obvious which product is my fave from the CurLUXE Naturals line, let me make it clear now.  The Twist & Define Cream is the business!  If you're a girl that likes to do Perm Rod Sets, FlexiRod Sets, Twist Outs, Braid Outs, etc. but you hate having to pull a different product for each of those styles then you need this Twist & Define Cream in your arsenal.

So, yeah I'm definitely happy with the quality of these products and the amazing results I achieved using them.  If you haven't already, check out my YouTube video below where I demonstrate an Easy Perm Rod Set using ONLY these products.  If you have specific questions that I didn't address then feel free to ask in the comments section.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Changes: Cut + Color

I've been itching for some change over the past YEAR I would say.  I'm not sure what has kept me from taking the plunge but if I don't do something at this point, I may have a mental meltdown.  Later this month, I will be attending The Naturalista Hair Show so I'm trying to narrow down and decide what I want so that I can rock my flyness at the event.  I do know that I want need to have my cut re-shaped.  It's been over a year since it's been shaped.  Not to be confused with trimmed, because I have had it trimmed a few times over the past year.  Although, I have a heart shaped style currently, I am considering taking a few inches off.  I think.  LOL.  Then there's the idea of adding some color.  I am obsessed with adding some purple into my hair in a minor way.  Like, I'm want to be able to "see" the color but not really "see" the color.  LMAO.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  It's probably easier for me to show you!

Here are some 'Shape' ideas that I have:
Instagram Beauty: @op_po_sites_attract

Instagram Beauty: @op_po_sites_attract
My main concern with this cut is KNOWING it will still look good with my hair texture.  While I think it's a dope shape, it may not fall the way I envision with my curl texture.  I tried to find someone with a hair type more similar to my own but couldn't.  If you guys know of any, tag me on their pictures please!

Next up... These are some 'Color' ideas I had:

Instagram Beauty + Blogger: Chronicurls 
Instagram Beauty + Hair Stylist: @shaddah_elyse
As you can see, I'm on the fence with how much pop of color I want.  While I absolutely LOVE Liane's ombre color (@chronicurls), the subtle highlights may work better for my actual personality.  I absolutely love having dark hair.  Every time I have ever dyed my hair another color in my life, back to black (or very dark, almost black) I went not too long after.  So, I don't want to waste money or hair health on a decision that will only last 3 months max.

I'm not usually this indecisive which is why it's driving me crazy that I can't decide on what I want.  I know, I know... It's only hair!  Blah, blah, blah.  I just don't want to waste money (it's tight these days) and I don't want to look a hot mess because I can't afford to have it changed (right away) if I don't like it.  Bottomline, I'm getting this done this week so (in my Kevin Hart voice) HELP. ME.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Becoming my Own CEO

30 years old, Director of Sales for a well known hotel chain making a nice salary.  This was everything I ever wanted and I had reached this place in my life well before my anticipated goal.  My husband was proud, my family was proud, hell even I was proud of myself.  Yet, internally I didn't feel fulfilled one bit.  Going to this job daily was becoming a greater struggle day after day.  My performance was starting to reflect my unhappiness and that became an even greater challenge as I tried to hide my discontent.  I began to pray incessantly for clarity on why I was feeling this way and one aspect that became very clear was I missed my family.  Achieving these accomplishments in my career meant little because I couldn't enjoy the fruits from that labor with those who I was working to support.

Sales and Marketing have been the gifts I've been blessed with for some time now.  I'm an incredible sales force when it comes to marketing and selling a product but I had only done this for other people, companies and brands.  In the beginning of 2015, I began questioning why I wasn't putting MY skills to use for ME.  Here I was sitting on an amazing Blog and Online Platform that could be the base or tool for a lucrative business yet I was doing the least with it.  The Blog I had once created as an outlet to share my own personal experiences had reached an audience that transformed this space into an online resource.  When I named my Blog, MyCandiShoppe, it was just a cute name that seemed to represent me well.  Years later, I now realized it had become an actual Digital Shoppe that replaced that Salon/Shop experience that many women lacked now that they had become their own Kitchen Beauticians.  The funny family stories, sharing of recipes and even recommending of products are all reminiscent of sitting in the Beauty Parlor chatting with complete strangers but women who understood and related to you! 

In the midst of deciding to resign, I attended the 2015 Return of the Curls Natural Hair Expo and Blogger Brunch.  This was actually the very first Natural Hair Event I had ever attended... in life!  Little did I know attending the Blogger Brunch (hosted by Shalleen from NaturalHairDoesCare) was about to bring me the confirmation I needed to walk into work the Monday immediately following and turn in my Letter of Resignation.  The entire Blogger Panel conveyed a huge amount of transparency regarding Blogging which didn't concern me actually.  Being in Sales, I was already used to managing stress levels when things aren't going as "forecasted".  But when Myleik took that mic, she began to literally answer small doubts I was experiencing.  In regards to my concern for money, Myleik made it very clear that "finding" money really isn't an issue.  Start planning those meals and cutting back on steaks and shrimp, start selling those clothes in your closet that you don't "need" (there goes half my closet) and last but not least GRIND.  Before leaving that Blogger Brunch, I made it a point to walk up to Myleik and let her know that her words came right on time for me.  

Since then, life has been much busier than expected!  I'm a full time Mom (no more Nannies), Wife, and Blogger in the midst of developing a Brand.  I wake up early for my family and I stay up late nights for myself.  Many of my friends and family members have already mentioned that they spoke to me more when I worked a 9-5 job.  Most of all, God is blessing me along this journey and making sure every door and opportunity is made available for me to succeed.  I went from not getting paid a dime for anything related to my Blog since 2014 to landing 6 PAYING deals in just the month of August.  We received financial breaks on our Rent that we didn't expect.  My husband found $50 in his suit one day and I received a FULL paycheck I wasn't expecting from my previous employer.  The blessings are just coming non-stop and it's confirmation that my own plans are in line with the plans God had for me. The best thing I ever did was address the source of my unhappiness and come up with a solution.  Now I am literally walking in my purpose!
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Even Skintone + Sunscreen Protection

As many of you may or may not know, I have had a battle with Hyperpigmentation for some time now.  It stemmed from scars left behind due to my Acne prone skin.  Well, I finally found a skincare routine that truly worked for me.  It basically consisted of almost daily exfoliation, serums to battle the dark spots and lots of sunscreen.  Of course, it sounds super simple and honestly it is!  The hard part for me is CONSISTENCY which is actually the most important factor in eliminating dark spots.

Palmer's Skin Success

Recently, while in Walmart I came across the Palmer's Skin Success line which peaked my interest.  For one, the products were fairly inexpensive and secondly, it contained a known ingredient for successfully reducing dark spots, Hydroquinone.  Now, I know this a controversial ingredient for many but to each their own. Not only do the products contain this ingredient but they have the most effective concentration of the ingredient for OTC sale, 2%.  I've been using the Dark Spot Corrector Serum every morning for 2 weeks straight and am seeing some great results.  Beginning this week, I will start using the Fade Cream (purchase here) in the evenings after I wash my face.  I didn't want to start using both new products at the same time in case my skin had an adverse reaction.  It's always best to use new products one at a time if you have sensitive skin like myself.  This way, you can tell which product is causing your skin to break out if you have a negative reaction.

Now any time you are using skin lightening serums or creams, it's beyond important to use a Sunscreen.  It's really important to use a Sunscreen daily actually, but even 100% more important when using sensitive skin products.  There's no excuse!!  My former excuse use to be that the sunscreen products out on the market were too oily or thick.  As an oily skin girl, the last thing I wanted was an additional thick layer of product underneath my make-up.  Well, that's no longer a concern for me and I am now a Sunscreen everyday girl.  And to tell you the truth, my battle with Hyperpigmentation became so much easier once I incorporated Sunscreen into my routine daily.  Currently, Coola skincare products are what I fancy.  They have a wide variety of products whether you have oily skin or dry skin.  Right now, I'm using the *COOLA Mineral Sunscreen (spf 30) which has a matte finish and is super lightweight... Perfect for application under my Foundation.  Then after I apply my make-up, I set everything with the COOLA Make-Up Setting Spray (spf 30).  So, I'm over here double teaming my Sunscreen products because I know it is SO important when using Spot Fading products like the ones from Palmer's that I'm using.

I just wanted to share these skincare products with you guys as I know a lot of you currently struggle with the same hyperpigmentation issues.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!  And, please do not forget to use Sunscreen ladies.  WOC (women of color) need sun protection as well!!


*COOLA provided product(s) for review that were included in this Blog post.

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