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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Easy Spring Updates
(featuring) Smart Tiles

Spring is here, seems like it took forever, but it's here finally!  Longer days, warmer weather + if you're like me then it's time to spruce up the home a bit.  Now when I say "spruce", I mean swapping out a throw or a pillow.  Changing up the bedspreads, painting a wall or two, and lightening colors throughout the home.  Recently, I found a quick solution to change up my kitchen in a temporary way that doesn't cost me a fortune thanks to Smart Tiles.   If you change your mind often or live in a temporary living space (rent) like myself, you will love this option!  Take a peek below and see how nicely my kitchen was transformed in a matter of hours.



I chose the Muretto Alaska Tile backsplash to lighten up the kitchen from the dark countertops + give some contrast.  I think it definitely did the trick and added that extra oomph that the space needed.  Being that I rent this home, it's important not to spend a ton of money on updates + backsplash isn't something that you can take with you.  So being able to do this with temporary backsplash and brighten up an area sans permanent changes made me so happy!  Huge thanks to Smart Tiles for sending me these tiles to update my kitchen.  I'm already looking at ways to do this with the bathrooms in my home using their new Metro Ava Collection.  It's freaking blush pink subway tiles guys!!  Crossing my fingers that my husband lets me do at least one bathroom.

Let me know if you decided to update your home this Spring with Smart Tiles!  I promise you, it's so worth it.


  1. Good article, and maybe you can try other design peel and stick tiles for your kitchen backsplash next can choose from

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