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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sephora Sale: In Case You Needed Help Spending More Money...

Sephora Sale is back and I always laugh as I create these posts because essentially, I'm helping you spend even more money than you were going to spend already.  I appreciate you allowing me into your wallet this way + clearly we are closer than close at this point.  I've gone back and forth with whether I should share suggestions OR share what products I have in my own cart.  I decided to just do both PLUS include links to previous Sephora Sale posts I've done.  You will have all types of options to choose from, GOOD LUCK.

What's In My Cart:

DIOR BACKSTAGE FOUNDATION- Don't ask me why I need another foundation, just don't... because I don't have an answer for you.  You might as well be asking me why the sky is blue.  But I have heard nothing but good things about this buildable medium coverage foundation and I feel like I need to add it to my never ending collection of foundations.  Plus it has nearly 5 Stars on Sephora and you guys know how I feel about anything that has nearly 5 Stars on Sephora... it must be hella good!

BOBBI BROWN PRIMER PLUS MATTIFIER- Does this one even need to be explained?  Yes?  Okay, well first of all it's Bobbi Brown and I have NEVER been let down by this brand.  Like, EVER.  Second of all, it's a Primer that also helps with mattifying my oily ass face.   Lastly, it has 5 Stars on Sephora.  Drops mic.

GLOW RECIPE WATERMELON GLOW JELLY SHEET MASK-  I can't lie, I've definitely been sucked in by the whole watermelon skincare craze.  Not only do I love the scent but the benefits are BOMB AF as well.  This mask is suppose to help with Uneven Skintone + Uneven Texture which are two of my skin concerns always being acne prone.  I know everyone loves the overnight mask but I'm not fond of overnight masks so this one is right up my alley.  

PAT MCGRATH LABS LIP FETISH LIP BALM- Listen, from the time I found out that Pat McGrath was a self-made Billionaire, I've wanted to purchase from the line.  It almost seems like me buying one of her products puts me at close proximity to becoming a billionaire as well.  I know that logic doesn't make sense, just let me be with my dreams!  I've heard nothing about this product but the packaging is dope and it's a clear balm... how bad can a clear balm be?!

Personal Product Suggestions:

ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT CHARCOAL HONEY MASK- This mask needs to be a staple in everyone's arsenal who deals with acne.  Dry skin?  Use this.  Oily Skin?  Use this.  Normal skin?  Leave me alone.  Unlike most charcoal masks, this one does not leave your skin feeling tight and dry.  Personally, I have to be careful using drying masks all over my face because my entire face is not oily.  In fact, some parts are actually more normal-dry and using drying products can cause even more problems in those areas.  The honey in this can provide hydration while the charcoal agents pull out that guck from your skin.  It's a match made in skincare heaven.

FRESH BLACK TEA KOMBUCHA FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE- About a month ago, a friend asked me how I've been liking this product and honestly my answer was, "I'm not sure because I can't really see what it's doing"!  After talking with her, it dawned on me that I also wasn't using this product consistently.  I have so many Essences + Toners that I wasn't really using this one much and I was also using them interchangeably.  Then I recently learned that Essences + Toners are not one in the same and in fact, you can use BOTH in your skincare routine.  Well that changed EVERYTHING and I began using this Essence more consistently, in conjunction with my Toners.  GIRL.  For this Essence to be so gentle on the skin, it's definitely a heavy hitter WHEN USED CONSISTENTLY.  I can't exaggerate that enough because I honestly didn't notice anything happening when using it every now and then but isn't that the case with anything in life.  No one sees results when doing something every now and then.  Consistency wins every time + that's the case with skincare as well.

PINROSE SECRET GENIUS- I first tried this scent as a sample that my friend received in her Sephora order.  I was hooked at first sniff.  I believe Sephora puts this in the Warm + Spicy family for those wondering what it smells like.  I would also say that it smells like a nice cuddle under your favorite blanket with a strong man next to a fireplace.  But since, that isn't the best description for a scent, let's just go with what Sephora says.  Worn alone, it wears well for an entire 8 hour day but I still like to pair it with my Malin + Goetz Dark Rum for a nice layered scent.  These two together cannot be stopped.  Don't @ me about this!

SEPHORA COLLECTION MASK APPLICATOR-  I don't know how I came across this tool on Sephora but as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it.  YES, NEEDED IT!  Every time I need to apply a mask from a jar to my face, I wish I had some sort of brush or applicator.  This one fit the bill.  I love that the other end helps remove the mask + provides a little exfoliation while doing so.  I think I might actually go ahead and grab another one to apply my face moisturizers because at  $8, why not?!  Yes, I could use the same one to do both but that seems too easy... let's complicate things a little here. LOL.

DRUNK ELEPHANT MARULA OIL + MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD SKIN TINT-  I've spoken in depth about both of these products in a recent blog post here.  To save time and not be redundant, you can click to read my reviews on them there.  Long story short, YOU NEED THEM.  If that sounds a bit drastic then you at least need to give them a try!  The Drunk Elephant Marula Oil is a little pricey so that's a product I would definitely grab during the sale.  Don't say I never tried to help you save money.

Okay so I promised that I would share some other Sephora Sale posts in case you just had an itch to spend even more money so here they go.

HAPPY SHOPPING and don't forget to tag me in your purchases whether you grab any of these suggestions or not!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Favorites
#sundayskincare edition

I love 'Favorites round up Blog Posts' but the one thing I don't love about them is how LONG they usually are.  So, I will try to keep this one as short as I can while giving you the important deets!

At first I couldn't really determine if this product was really making a difference in my skin.  It just felt like a step in my skincare routine that I could do without.  But then I started noticing the texture of my skin improving over time.  It's not an overnight miracle worker but it's definitely a heavy hitter when it comes smoothing out your texture and helping to diminish dark spots.  Kombucha in my tummy and Kombucha on my skin, yes please!

I'm not sure if Drunk Elephant figured out how to bottle Unicorn tears or what but this stuff is worth every drop.  Now ya'll now I'm oily AF but I am very specific in how I use this in my routine.  Either I use it at night and wake up with skin that looks like the baby Jesus blessed it Himself.  Or, I use it during the day with the D-Bronzi Serum for a "no makeup" makeup look!  I've been using it for my no makeup look A LOT this Summer and absolutely LOVE the beautiful glow it gives my skin.  I will say that I tried using this under my makeup and found my foundation slipping around quite a bit once my natural oils started to come through around midday.  

3.  KIEHL'S Clearly Corrective Line

Listen to me.  When I say this ENTIRE line is a secret gem, I mean it!  Remember, a few months back when Kiehl's invited me to learn more about their apothecary personalized serums?  Well, I've been quietly using and testing these products since then!  First off, the Clearly Corrective Brightening + Exofoliating Daily Cleanser is now my Staple exfoliator when I'm not using my Clarisonic.  Use it consistently, and you will notice your breakouts become nonexistent.  Be careful using the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution in sensitive areas because this stuff is no joke!  It's potent, strong and IT WORKS.  I'm VERY careful to only use this in specific areas when needed.  And lastly, the Brightening + Smoothing Moisture Treatment is probably the first of it's kind that I've ever used.  It has a Jell-O like consistency but melts onto your skin to provide the perfect canvas.  If you come by a value set that includes these (3) products specifically then GRAB IT.  Otherwise, trust me when I say you need these if you're battling hyperpigmentation.

The Summer season isn't an Oily girl's favorite season when it comes to makeup.  It's a constant struggle to find the products that won't make me look like a frying pan.  So when a brand comes out with a new foundation product in the middle of the Summer, I pay close attention!  I expect it to be formulated to wear well throughout a hot day AND be lightweight.  Both of these foundations from Make Up For Ever are just that!  HALLELU!  The Matte Velvet Skin has a new package and reformulation that I am LOVING.  No more cake face and no more heavy feeling foundation at the end of the day.  You heard me right!  It still feels lightweight at the end of a long hot summer day.  I've been using the Matte Velvet Skin Foundation only on my trouble areas as it's (true) Full Coverage and I don't want to look like I'm photoshoot ready by using it all over.  I love the way it looks more like skin and less like a mask despite how much it covers.  Now the Ultra HD Skin Tint is the total opposite when it comes to coverage.  It gives you a nice sheer (think BB Cream) foundation look which I love to use in the center of my face.  Wearing this in the center of my face with the Matte Velvet Skin Foundation along the perimeter of my face gives me the PERFECT coverage.

The lavender shade of this Primer in the bottle had me a little skeptical at first, can't lie.  It just doesn't seem brown girl friendly at first.  So, I did what any of us would do and applied it to the back of my hand to see what it was all about but turns out, it does go on sheer!  Thank you Jesus!!  Not only does it apply sheer but it totally improves the appearance of your skin before you even put foundation on.  You probably guessed it already, but this is amazing with your "No Makeup" Makeup look or if you actually plan on wearing no makeup, LOL.  I haven't used a Primer in a long time because I generally don't see a true benefit usually but this one has had a reoccurring role in my daily look!  Love, love, love using this with a pump of the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Serum, OMG... it looks so bomb + natural.

Well I'm going to leave you with these recommendations for now so I don't have us all broke!!  Believe me, this list could be a mile long but I'm trying to be a better friend to you.  Now if you have questions about other products, send them over.  That's totally different!

XOXO Candice

Shoppe Owner


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