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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life Update|| Part 1

Well Happy New Year!  Dramatic as I may be, that's certainly how I feel the speed of this year is going.  So much has been going on personally that I have definitely neglected my Blog.  Instead of just coming back with a Fall Skincare post as if I haven't left you hanging for months, I figured we could catch up.

As most of you know, I accepted a job opportunity back in July at a hotel.  I was so hopeful + really thought "this was the one".  GIRL, this couldn't have been further from the truth.  I know I haven't shared yet + that's because I wanted to be further removed from the incident because I truly wanted to cut someone.  LOL.  So the big question is "Why did I leave that job"?  Well, let me ask you something... if the company you were working for was having financial issues to the point that your pay was late + there was a chance that you wouldn't get paid... what would you do?  Yes, it was that bad.  As an Influencer, late payments is something I have to deal with time and time again.  If I wanted to stay on this struggle bus, I could just continue working for my damn self.  It started off pretty simple + innocent... the company didn't have direct deposit.  I thought this was odd but my husband reassured me that a company having direct deposit for only two employees (myself + my boss) is an expense that they may not want to take on yet.  Okay, fair enough... but then.  BUT THEN... my boss told me that none of the hotels with this company have direct deposit!  So, it had nothing to do with it being a new hotel that was not open yet or had enough employees.  Strike 1. 

By the end of my first week, my boss opened up to me + shared that she could no longer deposit the payroll checks from the company at her personal bank because they had bounced so many times.  Her bank refused to accept them anymore.  So, she had to drive about an hour away to go cash the checks at their Mom + Pop bank.  This specific time, she got to the bank and THEIR bank refused to the cash the check because the funds were not available.  GIIIIRL.  Strike 2. 

It was at this point that my energy started to shift + I began questioning if this was the right decision.  Sure, the move would look great on my resume (opening a new hotel) but could I really deal with uncertainties when it came to my pay.  I don't know her financial health but I did know that my household could not afford for a check that size to bounce in my account.  The next week I come into the office to find out that construction on the hotel had halted because the workers refused to come in until they were paid.  How in the world are you not paying the construction workers if you're opening a new hotel?!  What sense does that make?!  After listening in on a meeting between the Owners + the General Contractor (being nosy AF), I overheard that the Construction Company was owed over 100K in payroll.  WHAT?!  Strike 3. 

At this point, I was one foot out the door.  The following week was finally my first pay week... here we go!  Checks were suppose to be ready on Tuesday.  You didn't read that wrong, checks are ready on Tuesday... not Thursday or Friday.  Moving along, so checks were suppose to come in on Tuesday.  The owner called and said they wouldn't be ready until Wednesday.  After all I had put up with, I talked myself into thinking that one more day isn't the end of the world.  Wednesday comes and the Owner walks into the office.  My boss approaches him and asks for the checks to which he replies, "I forgot them at the office, you'll get them tomorrow".  Even after my boss offered to go get them from his office, he replied "No, you guys have work to do... you'll get it tomorrow".  It was at this point that Candice began packing up her shit.  Yes, now I'm talking about myself in the third person because I literally felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  I packed up all of my shit, left to lunch, went home and sent them my resignation letter. 

I have very little patience for anything but children so for me to have stayed during this nonsense for 3 weeks is a huge deal, you don't even know.  Yes, I went back the next day to pick up my check but that was the last straw for me.  Had I accepted that treatment, they would have continued down the same path they had done with my boss... bounced checks, late checks, no checks, etc.  Nope, I'm good love, enjoy!  My apologies for taking this long to share but as I promised, it was worth it wasn't it?!  What would you have done?


  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m patient, understanding all a that until you play with my money. Nope. I don’t even understand what they’re doing. How’re you gonna hire employees and not want to pay them?? Nah.

    1. Agreed!! Get your finances in order BEFORE you embark on a journey like this because it's not a cheap one, AT. ALL.

  2. Whew chile.....the lawsuit!!! I definitely would’ve quit too. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long before the shut business down anyway

    1. I keep trying to figure out a way to check + see how things are moving along because I totally felt like this would be a project that would go on for years due to their finances unfortunately.

  3. Girl I would have done the same exact thing. That was absolute nonsense smh but you tried and it is ok that it didn't work out.

  4. April Edwards-McGaskeyOctober 18, 2018 at 8:40 AM

    Girl! That's too much! How do you build a hotel with no money! A job requires pay. You need to see competence and stability on a job. Who was in control of the financials? They never disclose why the last person is not there. I dont know what the universe is trying to tell you. Maybe it's settimg you up for the ultimate opportunity. Hope your check didnt bounce . I would have bounced too. Girl! Smdh.....

    1. Oh they disclosed what happened with the first DOS and the reason seemed satisfactory. After what I went through, I second guessed the 'real' reason why they may have left. Oh, and since it was a franchise, the ownership group was in control of the finances.


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